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Num Num Market is your Online Farmers’ Market

About Us

Back in 2020, when we started, we met an organic farmer from Similkameen Valley and tasted the best peaches ever. We realized that it is possible to eat real fresh food all the time. But how to do it if you live in cities like Vancouver and busy with work and life?!

This is how the idea to start Num Num Market was born. And, it is time to share with you our passion for real and healthy farm food and let you explore it yourself.

Our offering is simple yet healthy and flavorful. We curate farm fresh produce boxes and deliver them straight to your home.

Our farm fresh produce boxes are filled with local organic veggies, fruits, and berries.


Look at us as a connecting bridge between organic produce growers, local food producers, artisans and people who want to eat fresh quality food daily.

We work directly with farmers located in Fraser Valley and Similkameen Valley, and with other local food producers & artisans here in British Columbia. By sourcing from local producers and farmers, we support local economy, and by delivering fresh food products to our customers in Metro Vancouver, we support our community and promote us all to eat healthy and reconnect with natural tasty delicious foods.