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Farm Fresh Produce Box - Small - 1 ea


This is a curated produce box with real farm fresh in-season vegetables, berries & fruits which we source directly from local farms (Fraser Valley, Similkameen Valley, and Okanagan). We work with organic and local sustainable farms that don't spray and practice regenerative farming practices.

Every week, the box's content will change depending on the availability at the farms. We commit to always having staples products in boxes.


These are the items expected this week:


Veggies: potatoes, onions, garlic, carrots, beets, broccoli, Okanagan tomatoes, lettuce, herbs or kale, bell peppers, mushrooms, cabbage green, squash (delicata, kabocha or spaghetti squash), possibly zucchini, radish or turnip. 

Fruits & Berries: plums, apples, Bartlett pears, and possibly coronation grapes and late peaches.

If there are any vegetables (s), or fruits you don't want for various reasons, please mention them in Notes/Comments during the checkout. We will substitute with other vegetables or add up other existing items in your box.